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Refrigerant has a very long shelf life when released into our atmosphere and will last for 50 years producing huge amounts of CO2. For an example 1 KG of R410A, which is one of the most common refrigerants used in Spain, will produce around 2 tons of CO2 in the 50 years it takes to disperse.

Any refrigerant released into our atmosphere will damage the ozone layer and will increase the effects of global warming, so it is our responsibility to release as little as possible. If you have been told by your air conditioning company that it is normal for your system to be re-gassed on a regular basis they are conning you out of money and damaging the ozone layer to boot.

Duty to the Enviroment

As certified engineers it is our responsibility to fix leaks in systems when we find them and when refrigerant has to be recovered from an old system that is being replaced we have to take the old refrigerant to special companies for it to be recycled or destroyed.

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