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Cooling & Heating

We work with all cooling and heating systems including hot and cold Air Conditioning systems and heat pumps. The most common types of Air Conditioning systems used in Spain are split systems.

Split systems commonly come in two forms, single or multiple wall mounted units with a condenser unit outside or a ducted, in-ceiling system with a condenser unit outside and a ducted fan coil inside the ceiling cavity.

Water heat pumps are generally used for heating swimming pools and underfloor heating however it can also be used as the primary water heater for all the water in your house.

We install and service all brands of Air Conditioning and Heat Pump systems including Daikin, Fujitsu, General and many more.

Air Conditioning Manafacturers

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Maintenance & New Installations

We provide all services including new installations or if you have an existing system we can repair and maintain any system you may have. If you need a new system, then contact us and we will arrange a visit to your home to discuss your needs and inspect the home to determine which system would be best for you.

There are many things we have to take into consideration when matching the correct system to the space that needs to be cooled or heated. Things we look at, are the actual physical size of the room, how much window surface area there is and which direction they are facing, as well as other factors.

At the end of the day you don’t want an underpowered unit as this would mean it will need to work extra hard to try and control the temperature in the room which would result in it using more electricity, costing you money. At the same time, you don’t want an overpowered unit as this will cost more initially and you won’t be getting the full benefit from it. In fact, you need a system that is just slightly over power for what you actually need.

We can also repair existing systems that you may already have. Repairing refrigeration systems the correct way is very important as leaked refrigerant is very harmful to the environment, so if there is a leak then it needs to be fixed. There is more about the effect on the environment under the environment page.

Whenever we are called to do a repair on a system we will always do a complete service on the system at the same time and take readings from the system so if we are ever called back we know how the system was performing after it had been fully serviced. This helps us diagnose problems if we are ever called back in the future. More about maintenance here.

Air Conditioning Repair

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