CCTV Cameras

Now in HD or even 4K

CCTV Security Cameras

The world of CCTV (Closed circuit television) is a fast growing market, with so many standards and prices accommodating all budgets.
We have black and white cameras as well as colour cameras with or without IR. (Infra-Red)
IR is used in the night time to illuminate the pictures that are being recorded.
These can be with with mono-focal or vari-focal lenses.
As for the recording equipment these have had a major overhaul in recent years.

More Information?

More Information?

We now have DVR’s & NVR’s (Digital video recorders) & (Network video recorders) which use hard disk drives like those in your computer to record the video from the cameras.
The DVR’s can be seen on a monitor and or over a network or the internet. They can be set to record from motion detection or external PIR/Combination detectors. Easily transfer data from the hard disk to usb pen drives.
The NVR’s do the same job but with IP (Internet Protocol) cameras or high definition cameras.

We have a wide variety of CCTV cameras available from standard size cameras to tiny covert or bullet cameras. We can discuss your exact requirements of the CCTV system. From a small one or two camera setup to a entire complex 16 camera or more system that will have remote recording, audio and full internet access.
We design & install domestic and commercial CCTV systems, from the initial requirements to the planning, quotations and installation.
Once installed we have an excellent after sales care package to make sure that everything is working as it should.
We can offer free practical advice and can easily help you decide if CCTV would be the right choice for you.

Our CCTV clients have systems installed in their homes, bars and holiday resorts.
They have the power to record remotely to computers off site and can keep an eye on what is happening 24/7,
providing they have internet access. Some have the ability to record audio & our systems have proven themselves time after time.

If you want the best possible pictures from your CCTV system then we would have to recommend the High Definition cameras available today. Below is one of the high end cameras we can supply the VIVOTEK FD8372. This is a High Definition 5-megapixel network camera with true day and night functions ideally suited for wide, open spaces such as building entrances and big terraces, gardens or applications requiring accurate identification of individuals, objects, and vehicle license plates.

With high-definition 5-megapixel (2560 x 1920 pixel) resolution, the IP7161 can deliver extremely clear and detailed images and provide coverage over ten times larger than a normal VGA camera.