Computer Repairs


One of the most common faults reported to us today are computers that are running very slowly! The causes of this can be anything from clogged fans causing overheating and physical failure of components to software issues.

If your computer is running slowly it is always best to start with the simple things. What was I doing right before my computer started slowing down. Has it just happened within a day or two? If it is a problem that has just surfaced, the easiest thing to try is a system restore, to a point a few days earlier. As it could have been an automatic update that has caused the issue. If that does not resolve the issue, look for other physical signs of problems. Are the fans clogged up?

If fans are clogged up normally you hear them on all the time. This is a tell tale sign that your computer is running hot and it could be causing damage to the components inside. If you can get some compressed air, you can easily clean the computer yourself at home. You can do this by unplugging the power cables and removing the battery if it is a laptop. Then blowing the compressed air into the vents of the computer. For a desktop computer it is advisable to remove one of the side covers as well. Normally held in place with 2 or 3 screws on the back of the PC. This is worth doing once a year to keep your computer equipment running smoothly.

The next big problem that we see is not viruses but spyware. Spyware does not damage your system like a virus, instead it slows down your computer and also changes settings, especially in internet browsers. Extra toolbars get installed, search providers change and then these spyware programs download more junk in the background and within a few days your system will be brought down to its knees. You will have problems loading programs.Windows will take 10 minutes to load up and when you run your antivirus, it reports that everything is perfect, very frustrating. Thankfully there are some trusted free spyware remove programs like malwarebytes anti-malware that can scan your computer and remove these nasty bits of software for you.

Matrix Solutions can provide a full computer service for €60. With this we physically clean your computer. Check your anti virus programs, run enhanced scans to remove any spyware that may be on your system without your knowledge and remove any temporary & old files that are slowing down your computer. Following this we update any drivers and run some tests on your hardware to make sure everything is running as it should.

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