Home Entertainment

Home entertainment from Audio to Theatres

Matrix Solutions has over 10 years experience in planning, installing, configuring and setting up home entertainment systems. We commonly install Bose and Sonos as well as other leading brands such as Pioneer, Denon, Sony to name a few. If you are looking for a sound system, basic home cinema or an entire home theatre with 3 meter professional screens with soundproof walls and full size chairs, look no further.

Home Cinema & Theatres

We have installed many home theatres and cinema systems. From the lower budget systems that use a projector with a retractable screen with 5.1 surround sound to the more extravagant home theatres with professional screens and carpets. We typically install Bose speakers with powerful Pioneer or Sony amplifiers to deliver heart stopping sounds. If you have an existing cinema or theatre and are looking to upgrade to 3D or  you are interested in getting a home theatre or cinema, please contact us. We can design a system to cater for all budgets and room sizes.

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Home Cinema

Jaw Dropping Audio

Look no further. From Bose to Sonos we have a system to meet your needs. Sonos has pioneered powerful audio performance with simple interfaces that you can control using your smartphone or tablet. Start with one speaker and expand as time goes on. Link it up with online music services like Spotify and Deezer. Control all devices in all rooms and play whatever sources of music are available in any connected room. Sonos is wireless and is fast becoming the most popular choice for home entertainment audio systems amongst our clients.

Alternatively there is Bose. Bose deliver the most incredible sound through such small speakers. Everytime we install a Bose audio system we have our breath taken away. They have home cinema systems to full blown multi room systems that you can control from one remote control. Bose are now moving into the wireless audio market and they have integrations for Spotify and Deezer just like Sonos. They also have their own apps for smartphones and tablets. The latest sound bar from Bose has a wireless acoustimass unit which means you can hide it out of sight in your room. Delivering powerful audio without having to see any cables!

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