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Internet Television

What Is Internet TV?

We have a wide range of options for viewing TV through the internet without aerials or satellite dishes. Internet speed requirements vary depending on which service you intend to watch. As a rough guide 2 mb/s is the minimum for most and if you would like to watch in high definition this would increase to 5 and 6 mb/s. With internet television you can access services like Netflix or Amazon’s new Prime service. Others are Now TV powered by Sky. We can also provide other systems based on either a android system or a mag 250 to get an even bigger range of channels. Some services like Netflix are geographically blocked, but we can provide a DNS which can allow you access.

Internet Service TV

Internet Service based television is an official service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, the list goes on. Currently most are not available in Spain, so you need a VPN or a DNS account in order to receive them.

You have to pay monthly for the service direct to Netflix, Amazon, Apple. You have to pay a small amount for access to the DNS account. (You can also use a VPN, but it will slow your access down.)

These will then un-block access to the provider. You can watch many on Smart TV’s, Games consoles and things like Apple TV and many more.

With a VPN or DNS you can also access these services plus things like BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on a wide range of devices.

Free Internet TV

Free internet TV is commonly called IPTV but that is not technically correct. Free internet TV can be using FilmOn TV using a browser on a computer or smart TV, or popular set top boxes.

Now there are many more options to get free TV including lots of channels from movies, entertainment and sports all available through the internet without any monthly fees.

I hear you asking what the catch is…..

Unfortunately there are a few small things to remember. First of all it is a free system, so things can go offline at times. Second is that the systems run on Kodi media center on an Android based box. We set the boxes up to be as user friendly as possible. However they are never as simple to use as a traditional television system. But for free, some of our clients do not mind. Others do and they prefer IPTV!


IPTV is television through a small digital internet receiver, either a Mag250 or Mag254. The system is really easy to use and has a full electronic programme guide for 7 days.

The channel line up depends on what package you would like to subscribe to.

You get a 7 day catch up TV service, so that you can go back and watch any TV shows that you may have missed. This is available on most of the channels.

Everything from the terrestrial TV channels to the movies and Sports are available. Over 14,000+ TV shows and Movies are available as well!

Are you looking for Swedish, Norwegian & Danish television? Well your only option now is via the internet here in southern Spain. We have a good range of internet IPTV based solutions for you.

No matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you!

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