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Sky Digital & HD

Sky TV has the widest range of channels from the largest selection of entertainment channels to discovery channels and the sports, not forgetting the huge movie selection on offer. Do you want to watch in high definition or 3D? Sky is simply better. Never miss a program with Sky plus and now with on-demand* you can get even more from your TV. Many of our customers simply love Sky. It’s really easy to use. It has the best range of channels not to mention how simple it is to navigate the menus, find what’s on, set up recordings and much more.

Getting Started

To get Sky installed all you need is a satellite dish of at least 1.2 meters with a twin LNB, Sky HD+ receiver  and a viewing card. The  picture is high definition, but it’s backward compatible if you have an older television set. If you want to access on-demand or catch-up you will need a broadband internet connection. You will also require a DNS to allow you to use your Sky receiver to download the programs. We can provide DNS connections, they are cheap & simple to setup.


If you are looking to connect up more televisions in different rooms look no further. We can wire up your home so that you can watch the same picture in other rooms. This can be done using old fashioned coax cable and magic eyes, getting you standard definition pictures. Looking for high definition? We can use hdmi converter kits and ethernet cable to get you pictures in high definition! Latest products now in stock, allowing you to have the pictures in digital quality, instead of analogue over your existing RF home wiring system! This can be done in standard or high definition resolution!
How to get a Sky card? If you have got a UK address you can get a Sky card cheaper, however when you need to upgrade or change things to do with your Sky package, you will need to contact Sky yourself. We can also arrange Sky cards through our UK suppliers which are fully managed, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy viewing your TV.

Did you know that the free channels like BBC & ITV are no longer viewable on the Astra 2 satellite in southern Spain. have a look at our Free View pages or contact us to discuss the options available to you.

 * On-demand is available with a broadband internet connection. You will also need either a VPN or a DNS to access the content. We have solutions for both.

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