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Questions that we get asked the most about Air Conditioning is what needs to be done in order to maintain the system. Well today we are going to give you the tips to keep your AC system working in optimum efficiency. (Best to be done once a year).

First you will want to clean the filters located on the indoor unit, To do this you will need to open the cover on the top.  Usually it will have indents on the side that will then allow you to flip the cover outwards and up. Once it has been opened you will see the detachable filters. They can be removed and cleaned from dust particles using a soft brush. (Or even your hands.) Once clean simply re-insert the filters and then close the cover/lid.

On ducted Air Conditioning systems the indoor unit is normally located in the ceiling of a bathroom, which would require the removal of a hatch or some tiles depending on the installation. Once opened you will see the indoor unit. The filters are normally located on the side of the unit.

Second thing you will want to check is the drainage pipe on the outside. Usually located below or near the outdoor unit. It will be a fixed or flexible small plastic pipe. You will want to make sure that the tube is not obstructed or blocked.

Third thing to check will be the outdoor unit itself. You will want to make sure nothing is blocking the front vent where the fan is located. Any obstructions will cause the outdoor unit to run poorly and may shorten the lifespan of the unit. So best to make sure nothing has gotten in the way. (Plants and bushes are the main culprits here, especially when the units are located away in the garden.)

Fourth thing to check will be to make sure that the back of the outdoor Air Conditioning unit has not got anything attached to the metal fins. Sometimes papers and leafs can get caught here, once again this will cause the system to run poorly and can lower the lifespan of the system.

After completing these steps the AC system has been serviced. Other companies often insist on doing pressure checks, however this practice is actually not ideal, as every time you attach your gages to the system you will lose refrigerant, which will need to be replaced. Hence the only time you should need to test pressures in the system is when it is not running as expected. In which case you would call a professional.

We would recommend doing the four checks above. Or if you feel it is not something you are confident in doing you can get us to do them for you. If after servicing the system, you still have issues, like only getting fan air, no hot or cold, we would first check to make sure the remote control is set to cool and lowest temperature setting for the winter and hot and hottest temperature for the summer.

Most cases of not getting cold/hot air is purely an oversight, by having the AC set to heating and a temperature of 16ºc. A quick change of the mode from heat to cool and the unit will turn off for 5 mins and come on in cooling mode. (or vice versa.)

If you have verified the Air Con system is in the correct mode and the air is not getting cold/hot, simply turn off the unit, to avoid further damage and arrange for us or any professional to come and check the system for you.

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