Freeview Satellite TV in HD


Freeview satellite TV is now available in HD without the need for internet and without monthly fees! Matrix Solutions can provide the main BBC & ITV channels from just a small 80cm satellite dish and a small digital satellite receiver.

This Freeview system also has the 6 main BBC radio stations, plus the ability to record to a usb stick. The recording is a little bit like the old days when using a timer record function on a VCR, but it is a nice extra.

If you already have a satellite dish we can re-align or possibly relocate the dish. Then we only need to fit the digital receiver and we can use the existing cabling.

If you have an existing dish and are currently receiving what is left of the free channels on Sky, we can add a small 80cm dish and a diseqc switch. Then utilizing the existing cable, we can add a digital receiver and combine both satellites into the one receiver. Thus giving you the best of both satellites on the one box.

The TV channels you will receive on the Freeview system are:

BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News, CBBC, Cbeebies, ITV 1, Channel 4 & Film 4.

The radio channels are BBC Radio 1 to 6.

With this selection of channels via satellite & in HD for free, it’s no wonder our clients rate this system so highly!

We have installed this system for many clients from Alcaidesa, Sotogrande areas all the way to Marbella, Calahonda & past Malaga. If you are interested and would like more information or an installation, please get in touch with us below!



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